British Basketball League Official Molten Basketball BG4500

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Feel the Grip, Control your Game

The new FIBA Approved BG4500 delivers twice the surface area in contact with your hand.  Premium composite leather and a foamed rubber construction on Molten's 12-panel Giugiaro design too.  You might not want to pass this one up.

Molten is dedicated to providing top of the line basketballs for FIBA, and the global basketball community.  By combining innovative technology and superior craftsmanship, Molten continues to create products worthy of play by the world’s most elite basketball stars.

Official Game Ball

This is the exact basketball that will be used in all BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Ireland tournaments, with the ball making its debut in the 2020/21 season. The BG4500 is made from a premium composite leather, benefiting from all the grip properties of real leather but with no need for bouncing in.

Less Slippery

The new surface texture gives the ball an optimum grip over traditional pebble grip basketballs, even when in contact with sweat or moisture.

The Original Leather Texture Surface area in contact with the hand is wider by 95% compared to that of conventional pebble surfaces for better grip.


Improved Grip Performance

The ball has been given an additional "foamed" layer when compared to previous models, making the ball softer and easier to control. The surface texture depth creates an ideal sweat wiping effect, allowing optimal grip even in that sweaty fourth quarter!

A 25% reduction in logo size, resulting in a larger area of grip on the surface of the ball.  

Club & League Use

The BG4500 is used by the BBL, WBBL, Basketball Scotland and Basketball Ireland as their official game ball.