Molten Sports Ball Shoulder Carry Bag

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The Molten sports ball carry shoulder bag is extremely durable and is made from strong washable polyester with stylish silver Molten® branding.  It has strong edge and seam reinforcement both internally and externally ensuring maximum longevity and support when transporting your balls to and from the court.  The rounded corners make for a modern finish that mimics the contours of the sports balls within.

The 4cm wide black nylon, tear-proof and adjustable shoulder strap makes it very comfortable and convenient to carry up to 6 sports balls. When not using the shoulder strap, the reinforced handles provide comfortable and secure carrying.

The perfect storage and easy carrying for up to 6 sports balls.


Suitable for all kids size and adult size basketballs size 5, size 6 & size 7

Dimensions: 78x51.21cm. Weight: 350g