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Sure Shot U Just Retail Unit with coloured backboard

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63510R Sure Shot U Just Retail Unit

The U Just unit is an extremely popular portable unit for home and school use. The U Just system has two U shaped bolts attaching the board and ring; by adjusting these, the board can be set to any height.

  • The U Just system allows for any height adjustment up to official 10’ (305cm)
  • 18” (45cm) steel ring with nylon net
  • Compatible with 215 flex ring
  • Attractive black backboard design
  • Durable fan shaped polypropylene backboard measuring 44” x 28” (112 x 71cm)
  • Heavy duty pole for strength and durability
  • Wheels for easy movement
  • Ballast requires 190kg of dry sand or 110 litres of water
  • Size of box 47” x 37” x 10” (119 x 95 x 25cm)

Weight 40kg

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Barcode 5060097411955