What size basketball should I buy?

That depends on what the ball is to be used for. Basketballs are sized on a numbered scale with 1 being the smallest.

Size 7 is the official size for senior mens matches, size 6 is the official size for senior womens matches and under 14 boys matches and size 5 is the official size for under 14 girls matches.

The below table should be able to guide you.

Basketball Size


Ball Circumference

Size 7 Mens 14+ 74-78 cm
Size 6 Mens 11-14 72-74 cm
Size 6 Womens 14+ 72-74 cm
Size 5 Kids 7-11 69-71 cm
Size 3 Kids 5-7 56-57cm
Size 1 Kids 2-4 15-17cm

How much should I inflate a basketball?

All balls have the correct pressure printed around the valve. Correct ball inflation is important to maintain a technically superior product.

Note: Over-inflation will damage the ball. When inflating the ball with a pump it is critical that the needle is lubricated before insertion.

How long will my order take to arrive?

This will depend on what you have ordered, but for most products delivery can take up to 14 days.

You will receive an Email to confirm that your order has been processed and the goods will be delivered as quickly as possible.

I do not want to place my order on the web. Can I do it in any other manner?

Yes, we can take your order via email also. Contact sales@bbl.org.uk for further informaton.

How much is postage and packing?

This will depend on what you have ordered, the appropriate shipping rates will be applied during the checkout process.

Do I have to add VAT to the prices on this site?

No. All prices are inclusive of taxes.

There is a problem with the goods that have been delivered, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible to advise what the issue is. We will do our best to remedy this.

Are you able to ship outside of the United Kingdom?

No. The BBL is only able to ship within the UK.